Frogs on Arum Lilies - Oil on Canvas

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Title: Frogs on Arum Lilies

Medium: Original Oil Painting on Canvas stretched on heavy-duty stretcher bars
Painting Size
: 122 x 41cm

A cute pair of froggies in their Arum Lily home. 

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit down and my lovely friend picked me a bunch of these Arum Lilies from her garden. Their beauty in my studio inspired this painting. I love the contrast of the white, green, orange and purple highlights against the very dark background.

About My Paintings
These are original works of art, designed and painted by me.  All my paintings use genuine professional grade materials to ensure longevity. This painting is on canvas, which is stretched around heavy duty (1.5") stretcher bars and stapled at the back. The sides are painted, and the artwork is ready to hang.