Commissioning Art

If you don't see the exact painting you want - why not design your own? Commissions are paintings done to order, and you can give me as much direction as you like. Often people get commissions of their homes, or want a painting that tells a story about their lives. I also do pet portraits.  See some of the commissions I have done and the stories behind them below.

Lots of my clients like to capture the beautiful area they live - here are a few of the local beach commissions I have done over the years

Whale Beach (on Surfboard)

One of my all time favourite commissions - Mandy had her family depicted in frogs.

Signpost paintings are awesome for telling the story about the places you have lived over the years.

Michael from St Kilda wanted this scene featuring all his local landmarks - along with his kombi!

Pet Portraits are another favourite!